Friday, June 11, 2010

Visiting Alice 88th

Alice Fung seems unassuming, seated on her chair very casually with one leg up in a pair of bright blue short-shorts, and a ribbed grey wife-beater, her long-bleached hair tied back in a loose bun. She fiddles with the fan, turns it off, then I'm very aware of the air-conditioning blasting in. She is excitedly talking with me about the goth scene, her shop, her dolls, and glancing on cue at the several links about myself and my interests I've opened up on her laptop.

She chatters about her dolls, and immediately brings out the grey-skinned one, explaining how truly unique it is. I'm a little nervous as she hands me the ashen-colored Dollfie, and suddenly I feel very odd, like I'm holding a newborn baby in my hands. I'm awkward and try to make sure (it? he?) the Dollfie is not in an uncomfortable position... I feel overly self-conscious and control myself as it tries to shift and jitter around uncomfortably. She turns to me as she puts the box away and tells me that she is very old. I laugh loudly and look at her skeptically. "How old?" "Guess!" I study her face, thinking a little too hard, and guess that she's around late twenties. My answer is completely off and I am genuinely impressed by how young she looks.

Still stiffly carrying the doll, I try to act like it's the most natural thing in the world, and wondering when I can hand over this beautifully crafted and surprisingly hefty doll. As I listen to her and look into her eyes, a very soft and almost dreamy doe-like look comes over her when she talks about her dolls. Unfortunately I don't know that much about them and gladly listen to her explain them to me. It's that look on her face that almost makes me feel bad that I can't help her locate a shop that sells display stands to prop up her dolls...

She mentions that she has a black and white kitty "Like my shop!" she jokes. On that note I enthusiastically mention my love for felines as well, then deftly give back her Dollfie to locate "Simon's Cat" and leave her to eat lunch with the boyfriend. As I shyly escape the shop, I find myself berating myself for being so shy, but promising that I will drop by again.

Alice 88th has Gothic, Lolita, Cosplay, Punk clothing & shoes, wigs, accessories, as well as Dollfies. She is licensed to bring in New Rock Boots.

Alice 88th: Facebook, Flickr
Telephone: 6238 8834 W, 9270 7369 M
Address: 15 Bali Lane, Singapore 189851
5 minutes around the corner from Bugis Station and the Raffles Hotel,
opposite the Golden Landmark.

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