Thursday, October 07, 2010

Anarchy In The UK - "Middle" Portion

The President's 3rd annual lecture opened with the Sex Pistols...
canadianrainwater | October 02, 2010
"The president of LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore requested the animation department to make something to go with the Sex Pistol's 'Anarchy in the UK'. The song was divided into three parts to make the animation process more manageable for first year students - my group got the middle portion, so pardon the lack of beginning and end.

The aim was to try and steer clear of "punk" while representing anarchy, and it wasn't easy, costing a lot of time, even more stress, and some parts even had to be re-done last minute. This is the final version.

The animation is done primarily on a whiteboard using whiteboard markers. We also used paper cutouts and real zippers, safety pins, and even my hands as props."

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