Sunday, March 20, 2011

Aphex Twin Esplanade, Mosaic Festival

Once we found our seats I was absolutely irate that we were all in designated seating in a theatre space and started ranting and asking rhetorical questions about how people could stay seated. I certainly didn't plan on sitting by, and where the hell are you supposed to dance? But once the music started, in typical concert fashion, people started to come forward down the aisles. I joined them gleefully and started dancing, grinning ear to ear.

No cameras nor video were theoretically allowed at the venue, but that of course didn't stop the camera-phone populous from documenting the concert, good or bad. (Photo by Ritter Phirrup)

In typical AFX humor the screens showed a combination of moving and static images, juxtaposing captured video footage of the audience's faces onto different images, from yearbooks to pin-ups, as well as variations of Richard D. James' rendered face onto the shy audience (including the red-head's face from 'Windowlicker' and a rather beaten up 'Rubber Johnny'-esque face). A handful of the audience were adventurous to be goofy enough when filmed: one apparently felt prompted enough to shove a finger up his nose, another person mimicked the signature smile reminiscent of the RDJ masks in 'Come to Daddy' and 'Windowlicker'. Which was perhaps a part of the point in pointing the cameras onto the audience!

Despite the slow build-up and one or two technical issues where the speakers cut out on one side and later when it completely cut out for a second (not entirely sure it was intentional and where the problem was), RDJ developed and built up more noise gradually to the point where the bass frequencies vibrated the hairs on the backs of my arms, and the thumping progressed from my belly to my chest, making me feel quite nauseous but not enough to stop me wanting more noise and chaos.

Damp hair and sweat dripping down my face, I danced, jumped, shimmied, popped and locked, elbowed and snake armed, fully immersed in the noise and today woke up with sore muscles and a big grin. Overall an excellent experience, especially coming from a fan who never thought they would ever get to see Aphex Twin Live before they died. Aphex Twin, FUCK YEAH.

A compiled YouTube Playlist of Aphex Twin at the Esplanade for the Mosaic Festival, Singapore.

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