Monday, March 14, 2011

Conversation with Suhaila Salimpour

"I dug my fingers into my body and tried to figure out what muscles they were, opened anatomy books... And bring all my notes to my doctors... There really was not a business plan, it was my vision of how I wanted to move."

2/4: Dancing in the Middle East
On the decade of dancing in the Middle East with a live band and the effects of her upbringing as a second-generation dancer.

3/4: The Challenge
"What do you think the biggest challenge is for this dance right now?" "Laziness... LOL, I'm gonna try to be very nice... I think that our biggest challenge is that, as a dance community we've had years of not really being understood or respected by the other dancers or the arts in general and I think it's because we don't work as hard as they do and we don't have the same typical days and we have this wonderful beautiful art, but yet without the evolution and the developmental process that the other dance forms (have experienced ie. Alvin Ailey)." "We are the ones holding ourselves back, we're our own problem."
"I'm a pebble in the process, but we have to raise the level of the dance... And in doing that we have to have a demand in a strong technical foundation, and I don't mean without feeling and without the history... I mean it has to start with technique." On her heroes, and her legacy.

Interviewed by Christy of Eighth Wonder Studios (Calgary, Canada).
Suhaila Salimpour Bellydance Channel on YouTube

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