Friday, March 18, 2011

Shengen Lim

I was looking at the Singapore Arts Museum magazine called The Quarterly when I found something that peaked my interest on page 7. I was reading the description about "an understanding and interpretation of photography as a tool to recreate reality..." and reminded myself that I should go see it when it hit me that it sounded vaguely like something one of my teachers had talked about... And as soon as I thought Shengen Lim, there was the name and brought a smile to my face! Our Grey Matters substitute teacher! At the Chapel at SAM from January 5th - 16th, *DOH!* I just wish I had remembered earlier to go see it!

"Utopia is the second installment of a trilogy of photographic installations presenting stasis and simulated reality as part of the Void series. The work is about an understanding and interpretation of photography as a tool to recreate reality in the form of a seemingly natural landscape environment within an enclosed space. Utopia attempts to allow the viewer to be engulfed in the experience of the photographic installation by walking through and getting in contact with an environment made up of projected still images onto smoke. The artificial environment created by overhead projectors, seeks to question the nature of photography, a question based on the meaning of the word, in which Photo means light and graph means to draw. The work therefore aims to expend the boundaries of traditional camera and print. Utopia attempts to educate on the understanding and acceptance of photography as something that can exist outside the boundaries of the camera or print. It remains however, a creation that fits the literal meaning of the word, drawing with light." -

"I value the humour present in the gravity of phenomenological encounters. I often find myself lost within experiences, overwhelmed by the multiple interpretations of urban spaces that are also relative and fluid with time. I see my practice as an artist to be parallel to that of an alchemist who gathers different elements, and through transmutation produces deliberate, yet surprising interventions. It is in this process that the sense and pleasure of being lost is negotiated with the ideals and accomplishment of being found. Conflicted by this slippery nature of consciousness where one state obliterates the essence of the other, I engage in comedy to cope and translate this precarious situation in my artwork through painting and different modes of photography. My practice offers a stimulated perspective of urban living that is invested in the satirical and sublime." - Artist Statement

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