Monday, June 13, 2011

All This is Meaningless (C/Fe Records)

A shameless plug for a truly great person currently based in Seoul, South Korea. He's one of those rare people who are truly humble, exceptionally intelligent and talented, also the kind who are not quite happy advertising themselves. A multi-talented musician who does it all - recording, singing, playing different instruments including the gayageum. Starting out with rather shy vocals, I'm hoping he'll continue to create music.
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allthisismeaningless said...

Thanks for this. I know it has been a couple months since you posted it, but I couldn't have run across it at a better time. I was taking a quick look through your blog, which I haven't done for a long time, having seen it come up in a search result. I've been questioning why I should finish "Hijacking Your Fiction," and whether I should continue making music at all. I've been severely lacking in encouragement to do either. A lot of people claim to make music solely for themselves, but I believe that once it is public, once it reaches another's ears, it is no longer the sole possession of the creator. Finding my own motivation is something I've never done well, no matter how much I enjoy the process.

-Michael (AllThisIsMeaningless)