Sunday, June 05, 2011

Article on Half-Pats

The Straits Times, The Sunday Times: Special Report
June 5, 2011

Understanding the function and audience of The Straits Times, the 2-page article is relatively acceptable as an introduction or understanding of the Western expat children who have grown up in Singapore and are now in their early 20s. The article is a little too obvious in the slant on how financially appealing Singapore is for Western youth, with the interviewee's quotes that could be misconstrued and manipulated. IMO I have to say that overall it was an article that lacked depth - not the kind that makes you want to keep the article and go out and buy the paper more often. Perhaps the next time there could be an article about Singaporeans who grow up overseas and come back? The Hidden Immigrants? The Asians who grew up in Singapore and came back? The Asians who grew up elsewhere but look local? Couldn't that be the next series to round out the entire picture? Definitely something to work on.

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