Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Naming You Guys Ain't Easy, Kiddos

Adopted May 14th at 8 weeks, and fast approaching 11 weeks, it's nearly time to take them to the vet for deworming and we still haven't named them! I've temporarily named them after their markings: Ginger & Calico (Callie)... which isn't very creative at all nor indicative of their personalities...

Video above demonstrates how cats lap up liquids. Re: MIT Research. Friskas Slow Motion HD Video.

They do a lot of things together, play, fight, scratch, stretch, sleep... But the funniest has to be their slurping of water. Supremely cute to watch them dunk their chins in the water to slurp up as much water possible, almost as if they were half lapping, half suckling?

UPDATE: Their new names:

Maggie (The Simpsons) is a bit calmer, watchful and stares into people's eyes (she once placed a paw over my eye trying to figure out what it was) and likes new kinds of foods, experimenting and exploring, playing with new toys and is learning to be more self-monitoring. She models herself after her brother but tires out much faster than him, perhaps being the runt (number 7) of the litter.She is starting to catch up, learning to take after her brother and squeaks for affection more and more. She is also very tempted by brownies and chocolate cake but is not allowed any.

Milo (Planet of the Apes: "The most dangerous to man is Milo...") is a supremely playful and affectionate kitten, a "super manja" cat that loves to cuddle chest and neck level, pressing his nose against yours and rubbing against your neck - occasionally biting your ear or ponytail. He eats any kind of food, any toys at any time, is as expected a highly hyperactive, slightly ADD and energetic kitten. He is adventurous and learns after 3 trials and is a very good kitten brother.

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