Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Russian Blue Found : Cat Pregnancy

Juliet aka. Svetlana (testament to the fact we can't make up our minds nor pick names), the Blue Russian we picked up at the MRT Station one week ago is pregnant with one kitten and is starting to nest. Eating lots, sleeping lots. Gradually mixed in high-protein content kitten food and is now completely on kitten food.

She is a wonderful cat, exceptionally well-behaved and well-trained. She meows to let you know she's going to do #2, then meows afterward to let you know she's done. She also meows very softly when she wants to be patted or her food bowl needs replenishing. She is very gentle, slow, watchful, careful and protective of her belly. She is also, much to my surprise considering her girth, very frisky and playful when it comes to catnip toys!

The one kitten the vet could find. "At this stage the kitten can still be reabsorbed." That was nearly 2 weeks ago.

We picked her up on Monday outside of the MRT Station, and I took her to the Vet on Tuesday to check for FIV, Cat flu, parasites, mites etc. And she was all clean, but just in case we gave her deworming fluid and Frontline. She is extremely healthy, doesn't ask for much space, attention etc. She was also exceptionally well-behaved and calm when I clipped her nails. The only problem is she can't mix with our kittens as they get into spats. If we don't hear from anyone who knows about where she's from at the end of the month we'll have to look for someone to adopt her, her permanent family and home.

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