Sunday, September 25, 2011

"A Certain Kind of Death"

"What happens to us after we die? No, this is not the start of some philosophical or theological discussion. The minute we leave our Earth-bound corpus, all bets are off and the proposed hereafter is really nothing more than a confusing and complex crapshoot. The real question is actually one of pragmatics: If we pass away, and no one is around to claim us as friend, family member, father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, significant other or long-lost relative, what exactly happens to us? What procedural steps do authorities take to identify and connect us to the rest of the living world? And what specifically are the rules and regulations that have to be followed for our disposal? What hurdles of humanity, unconcerned by heartache or thoughts of Heaven and Hell, have to be passed over when we pass away?" - Review continued by Bill Gibron at DVD Verdict Review
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"A Certain Kind Of Death" (Part 1/7)
Directed by Grover Babcock and Blue Hadaegh.

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