Friday, September 23, 2011

"UNIVERSAL EXPERIENCE: Art, Life and the Tourist's Eye," Exerpts

"The contemporary tourist, often dislocated and adrift, seeks a vista of the past to understand the present. The contemporary artists can be seen as a journalist (the word comes from journey) and reflects on the world and creates new markers and signs."

"(Anthropologists)... experience personal conversion that involves culture shock, self confrontation, a profound alienation from their own culture, a sense of being only a child in their newly adopted culture, an initiation into its mysteries, and an acceptance by it. Eventually the anthropologist becomes the cultre's spokesperson, interpreter, and protector against the culture which he or she originally came." - Frederick Turner, Reflexicity as Evolution in Thoreau's Walden.

"The sightseer measure his satisfaction by the degree to which the site conforms to the preformed complex. It it does so, if it looks just like the postcard, he is pleased; he might even say, "Why it is every bit as beautiful as a pciture postcard!"... The highest point, the term of the sightseer's satisfaction, is not the sovereign discovery of the thing before him it is rather the measuring up of the thing ot the criterion of the preformed symbolic complex."

"Travel: same word as travail - bodily or mental labor, toil, especially of a painful or oppressive nature, exertion, hardship, suffering. A journey." - Bruce Chatwin, The Songlines

"This volume draws on the proliferation of research surrounding the social, geographic, and cultural dimensions of mobility and outputs this information as an anthology of articles, essays, and excerpts. The primary focus of the exhibition, however, is on artworks created by a group of international visual artists who create work in response to travel among multiple cultures--both high and low, and local and foreign." - "UNIVERSAL EXPERIENCE: Art, Life and the Tourist's Eye" on

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