Sunday, October 02, 2011

"Carnivore" (2008)

"Lured by the tempting lights of the city, drawn into the cruel jungle of survival..."

"Carnivore" Reality Entertainment (2008) 83 mins

Synopsis: "Carnivore" follows the story of Lino Lucero, an idealistic, yet ignorant young man, from the province who went to the city, wanting to make a name for himself to become “somebody.” An ambition he’s bound to fulfill whatever it takes. But life in the city proves to be more vicious, cruel and horrifying than what he expected...

Director: Ato Bautista
Producer: Erik Matti
Screenwriter: Shugo Praico
Cinematography: Lyle Nemenzo Sacris
Music: Tirso Ripoll
Soundtracks: Razorback, Moyg and Sleepyheads
Cast: Carlo Aquino, Mark Gil, Bembol Roco, Baron Geisler, Ian De Leon, CJ Ramos, Cholo Barretto, Empoy Marquez, Michael Flores and Odette Khan.

A Conversation with Ato Bautista by Alexis Tioseco, (2006)

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