Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"The Famous One from Lucas #1" Christina Ay Tjoe

The opening on the 18th started with a drizzle - it was lucky that Phi brought his 7-11 umbrella from work. Downstairs on the first and second floors they were serving Sprite, Orange Juice and Champagne - and it seemed that alcoholic drinks were not allowed on the top floor. Both of us armed with juice, and I myself being completely bewildered by the number of well-dressed people engaged in crowds involved in group discussion... I murmured to Phi to scoot up to the top floor of Hermes.
Using felt on the walls as a textured and fuzzy background, the main objects of interest used differently colored stockings stitched together with string in matching flesh tones. They were stuffed with what seemed to be chicken filo plume & bristle feather filling, resulting in an almost transparent light-weight cushiony but spiky combination. No one dared to sit on the couch lit up with a red light, lest the feathers stick to the preponderance of blacks. The only figure I could find was made of a mixture of fibers similar to what we were looking at with a wire frame structure seated in a smaller less complex sofa across the larger and more complex version.
Walking through the curved space, I must admit I had the most cheeky fun blowing the tiny feathers around and squishing bits of the smooth stocking surface to see how far it my fingers could press in, figuring it was alright since there was no sign nor people shouting at me to stop.
This is where we run into Saito Nagasaki, all suited up, and I manage to nearly escape the photographer - but not successfully. I walked through the exhibition twice, once alone and another time with Ritter Phirrup, examining the crowd wondering if the artist was around as I'd only seen two photos of her from the web, browsed the shop layout design before we decided we really needed to go fill our rumbling tummies. Despite not interviewing the artist, the exhibition itself is overall a tactile, textured (can I add, textile) experience with the artworks, and certainly a lot more people than I'd expected!
CHRISTINE AY TJOE “The Famous One from Lucas # I” Exhibition from 19 October to 27 November 2011 10:30am to 7:30pm daily, free admission Third Floor - Herm├Ęs, 541 Orchard Road, Liat Towers

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