Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gingerbread Men 4 Halloween

Woke up extra early on Saturday to bake the "Decapitated Gingerbread Men" for the Halloween Goth party ("free for the first 30 guests" and some for the 10 volunteers). So I started out by making the spiced gingerbread mix. Lucky we had all those spices already to begin with!

I mixed in about 2 1/2 portions just to be sure and took a fistful of dough, flattening them and shaping them one at a time. When I finally put them in the oven, they came out really swollen and puffy. So I made them .5 mm, using a butter knife to shave off any of the thickness. An hour in, I was already starting to get tired of crooking my neck to look at the counter.

Thankfully Ritter Phirrup wakes up soon after just to give me a hand. "Why aren't you using the cookie cutter?" "Because we don't have one?" "Really?" He opens the drawer and there it is, by gosh we actually did have a cookie cutter... Thank Goodness... Sculpting them by hand and knife was taking too long!!!

And much better. The result of a ~3 hour dipping & dotting session of ~40 cookies and a bit of a sugar-overdose.

So after baking 6 big ones at a time, then 15 small ones at a time we had to wait for them to cool to figure out how to decorate them. After some time we found the ones Ritter Phirrup had dipped in the bowl of red icing to be most attractive and started dipping all of them, and letting the icing drip down.

Although they didn't turn out exactly like the originally intended "Decapitated Gingerbread Men", they did look sufficiently bloody and there were more than enough cookies to go around, and the icing hardened in time to be packed in individual baggies for tonight. Perhaps something to think about doing in future with others, decorate your own Gingerbread Man?

Spicy Gingerbread Men Recipe from All (x3)
Royal Icing, with one entire bottle of red food coloring (Lots of icing left over, 1/3 portion next time)

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