Saturday, October 01, 2011

"Jermal" (2008)

"Jermal" ECCO Films Indonesia (2008) 88 mins

Directors: Ravi Bharwani, Rayya Makarim & Utawa Tresno
Writers: Rayya Makarim, Ravi Bharwani & Orlow Seunke

Synopsis (Excerpt)

After his mother’s death, Jaya (12) is sent to his father, Johar, who works as a supervisor on a jermal (a fishing platform perched on log stilts in the middle of the sea). Johar is shocked, never knowing he has a son, and rejects the boy as his kin. Fully aware he can’t bring Jaya back to land due to a dark past, Johar is forced to accept the boy as a worker on the site.

This is a film that tries to capture the pain and struggle of people trying to be accepted. Using a simple story line I wanted to express the minute details in the feelings of the individuals undergoing certain kind of experiences: loneliness, the struggle to sacrifice pride, honour and dignity, nibbling with joy at the tiny crumbs of what little attention or affection the other has to offer, experiencing rejection, jealousy, prejudice, guilt, shame and hate. At its roots, this is a story of survival and the need to be acknowledged and accepted by the other.

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