Tuesday, November 01, 2011


"Despite being meant for children, there's a fair amount of horror in fairytales, with Evil that has to exist to be battled by Good, which almost always come out triumphant, but not before a bruising fight. In Kelvin Sng's Fairytales, the princes and princesses – children - of today's society face that question head on whether to obey the rules put forth by authorities, be it the teachers or their parents, or to be seduced by the constant lure of comradeship, and the quick path to some form of material wealth. Like children let loose into the paradise of Eden, which in this case the trio of Jason (Royston Ong), Amanda (Siona Wu-Murphy) and Guna (Yogendra Santhiran) are enticed by the devilish owner, friendly, charismatic and all round nice guy at first of course, operating the LAN game shop aptly called Promise LAN, which is in truth a front for a whole slew of clandestine activities such as movie piracy and loansharking, as well as being the hunting ground for a shady modelling agency.

Granted that films involving troubled youths are nothing new in Singapore's film landscape, with movies such as Eating Air, I Not Stupid and its sequel, and The Days all touching in and around similar themes, and continues to be a keen reflection of today's reality where we're always focused on grades, results, paper, and material wealth..." -
A Nutshell Review (Oct. 14, 2011)

"To the Parents - So you think you know your kids? Are you sure?
So you think you've done everything for them? Are you sure?
To the Kids - Is this the 'only' way to get through this? Are you sure?
What other 'alternatives' you have?
To the Teachers - Is this the 'only' way to pass exams? Are you sure?

In our society, most of the time, we will use the excuse of 'No Choice'. We have no choice but to obey the rules of the society... We have no choice but to overwork ourselves... We have no choice but to give up our time with our loved ones... We have no choice but to continue to prove to others about ourselves and our success... We have no choice??

To quote one of the lines by veteran actor Chen-Shu-Cheng(陈澍城)in the film - 'Who said you've no choice? What kind of 'bullshit' are you saying?!'" -
SINdie (Aug. 18, 2011)

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