Monday, December 19, 2011

Left 4 Dead Trailer (9:13)

The cast of game characters from the first Left for Dead. L4D1 & 2 offer easy solutions for Halloween costumes and and a list of typecast characters easy to mimic. Bill the Veteran/Survivalist, Zoey the Student/Token, Lewis the Account Manager/Token, Francis the Biker/Survivalist.

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AIRSOFTGIdotcom on Dec 16, 2011

The recognisable Trent Reznor drone of backup synth sounds and reverberating piano awash with the monotonous vocals of Mariqueen Maandig in "The Space Between" from How To Destroy Angels, starts off this trailer for a movie that doesn't exist - yet. And although it may follow somewhat similarly to the game intro, Bill the Veteran is dead and the trio deal with the constant barrage of Left For Dead (L4D) zombies and well-timed attacks from the special infected. Then there is a rather motley crew of very unusual surprise guests at the end, bringing some hope into the L4D zombie apocalypse. Definitely for those who are hardcore L4D gamers and know what typical specific behaviors and speech patterns to look out for.

"Airsoft GI contacted their friends at
Northern Five Entertainment to produce a fan film for the amazing game LEFT 4 DEAD over a near freezing weekend in November." For more information on Crew, Cast, Sponsors, MUA, Music etc. available on the YouTube Video.

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