Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A New Voice

I can do this... I can live and choose how to live. What a strange revelation - that I won't have to crumble apart every time there's a surge of cortisol. I don't have to tear apart my foundations every time I have to change. I am more confident that I can do anything I want I put my mind to, irregardless of externals because I now have better internal resources. And most importantly, I'm living the way I want: with truth and honesty, being the best I can be and cultivating the traits to becoming who I want to be. I can't do it all, but what matters more is that I now can envision myself living a better life than ever before whereas there was no vision before. This might mean I won't crumble so easily knowing that things are within my grasp if I just keep trying and don't give up even when I'm deep in shite. I feel hopeful, again.

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