Monday, April 09, 2012

'So you think you will dance?'

The currently viral video released 5 days ago for Stop The Traffik is a collaboration by experimental hip hop, krump, waacking etc. dancer & choreographer Sheyda, the Belgian communications agency Duval Guillaume Modern and the direction byMonodot (also Belgian). Set in the Red Light District of Amsterdam, curious passer-bys and the usual group of people stop to stare at the girls as each girl in the window in turn starts to convulse and dance rather violently, eventually including the dancers on the second floor. Cut scenes to the audience dancing along, whistling and the applause. The audience's experience then takes a sharp turn when the projected words appear above the dancers: "Every year, thousands of women are promised a dance career in Western Europe... Sadly, they end up here."

Stop The Traffik's website offers a plenitude of information and resources, providing everything from Powerpoint slideshows, videos, flyers, posters, information brochures etc. to allow and empower others who want to take action in their locale. A very effective campaign that brings back into awareness of the ongoing trafficking of people into sexual slavery, forced labor, sweatshops, reminding us all irregardless of how often we've seen it, heard it, distanced ourselves from it, exposed to it, that it's still happening - but that we also have an option to do something about it giving us the power to do something, that we as a collective can bring awareness to our communities on how we can all help to stop trafficking. 'People shouldn't be bought or sold.'

Other videos from Stop The Traffik include a collaboration with Feel Films (UK), 'Don't Be Oblivious' (2010) bringing to attention how young people everywhere are easy targets for trafficking.

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