Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tony Truand Datis + Skrillrex

RUFFNECK: Santa finally throws down his hat - he has had enough with being doped up and enslaved to serve small kids. He fights his way out of the tunnels to the snowy outdoors...

BANGARANG: Peter Pan's gang, which includes one electro-boy, steals from ice-cream hoarders and financially compensates them when they're older.

FIRST OF THE YEAR: A kidnapper / potential child molester finds himself retained in a cellar, to suffer in a distinctly Chris Cunningham-esque 'Come to Daddy' torture style with unusual Alien overtones.

Tony Truand (Website) aka Tony T. Datis (Vimeo) who has done a music video for Modeselektor ('Shipwreck' with Thom Yorke), and also participated in the NIN Ghosts Film Festival using NIN's I-9.

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